Brazil vs Saudi Arabia preview

The Saudi team has won their Brazilian rival at the King Saud Sports City Stadium in the framework of the four-star Super Classico, which is hosted by Saudi Arabia.

The match between Saudi Arabia and Brazil will take place on Friday at 21:00 Mecca time, 20:00 Cairo time

The game is broadcast on KSA Sports HD1, Sport TV 2, beIN SPORTS HD 2 FR, Abu Dhabi HD 1 and Dawri Plus 1 HD.

This is the fourth match between Saudi Arabia and Brazil, with Brazil having won 3-1 at the 1984 Olympic Games, 3-0 at the Confederations Cup in 1997 and 8.2 in the Confederations Cup in 1999.

Betzezi: This is the benefit of the Saudi team from Brazil and Argentina
The channels of the transfer of the matches of Iraq against Argentina and Saudi Arabia against Brazil in the “Super Classico”
The Argentinian team opened the four-team tournament with a 4-0 win over Iraq on Thursday.

The Saudi team will play against Iraq next Monday, while Brazil will play against Argentina on Tuesday.

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