Arsenal vs Tottenham Hot spurs Premier League Match

The Arsenal and Tottenham derby are always upbeat and exciting, especially as the teams’ recent levels have come close with the Gunners falling and the Spurs rising very quickly.

Ranking teams

The Gunners have 28 goals and 16 goals. Gabonese striker Pierre Obamyang is the top scorer with 8 goals.

Tottenham are third with 30 points from 10 wins and 3 defeats. The Spurs scored 23 goals and 11 goals and Harry Kane scored seven goals.

Arsenal have the strength to face the derby against Tottenham, especially as the win gives them a strong push to be in the semi-finals and to the competition, which is witnessing a great struggle between Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham.

Arsenal are missing some of the players, including Daniel Welbeck and Nacchumonrial, with doubts that Alexandre Lacazette will be injured by injury. Emre is relying on his way 3 – 4-1-1 with goalkeeper Bernard Lino.

Emre is betting on the Papastathopoulos trio, Rob Holding, Shkodran Mostafe of defense and double-sided Granit Chaka and Lucas Torrera with right-back Hector Pelerin and left-back Siad Kolasinak.

Alex Eioubi, Mesaoud Ozil and Obamyang draw the offensive form of the Gunners, with important papers such as Aaron Ramsey and Henrik Mikhtarian also playing a role in developing the offensive performance of the team.

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