Burnley vs Liverpool Premier League Match 5/12/2018

Liverpool, who are in charge of the 15th round of the Premiership, will face Egyptian Mohamed Salah at Bernley at 10:45 on Wednesday.

Liverpool are second in the English Premier League with 36 points after beating Everton 1-0, while Burnley are 19th on 9 points.

Liverpool are aiming for a fourth consecutive win and continue to narrow down on Manchester City, with their rivals’ modest potential.

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp is considering changes in the squad’s squad for today’s game, with some players suffering from injury and others from stress due to pressure from matches, the Liverpool ECO reported.

The press reports that there are doubts about the participation of the pair Fermino and Sadio Mani in the game today as the Liverpool squad is expected to see the return of Jordan Henderson after the end of the suspension.

The match will be tough on a difficult field, as evidenced by Liverpool’s matches against Burnley last season when Liverpool drew back to Anfield for each team.

Mohamed Salah scored the equalizer for Liverpool before Liverpool won a 2-1 home win over Burnley. Long suffering when Klafan scored the winning goal in the 94th minute of the meeting.

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