Southampton vs Manchester City Premier League Match

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has confirmed the readiness of all his players to face Southampton on Sunday in the 20th round of the English league, referring to the intention of the club not to enter into any contracts in January.

Al-Sitti is aiming to win tomorrow’s Premier League title, where he is seven points behind leaders Liverpool, after losing in the last two games to Crystal Palace and Leicester City.

“Everyone is ready to play, we have some problems but we will make our decision tomorrow, Jesús, Fernandinho and Compagnie are training normally,” Guardiola told the press conference.

“We have to believe in ourselves, whether we win or lose, now we have to react and win if we want to compete for titles, they are heroes for me, nothing has changed,” Guardiola said.

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Zinchenko – Laport – Company – Danilo

Bernardo – Fernandinho – Silva

Stirling – Aguero – Mehrez

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