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Mohamed Salah will face a new test with Liverpool, who host Watford at 10 pm on Wednesday at Anfield Stadium in the 28th round of the Premiership.

Mohammed Salah scored 4 goals for a “Super Hattrick” and made another goal in Liverpool’s 5-0 victory over Watford in the Anfield match on March 17 in the 31st round of the English Premier League.

Egypt’s Mohamed Salah continued to maintain his lead against Watford after scoring a 3-0 win over Liverpool on November 24 at Vickar Road in the 13th round of the Premier League. Premier League “, to raise his score against Watford to 6.

Liverpool’s Premier League match against Watford is set to begin in the Premier League when they host Watford at 10 pm Wednesday at Anfield Stadium in the 28th round of the Premiership.

 Liverpool top the table with 66 points, one ahead of Manchester City, while Watford are seventh on 40 points.

Liverpool match against Watford in the English Premier League

Liverpool are looking forward to a strong offer and a convincing win to restore the confidence of their fans, who have begun to worry about their ability to win the English Premier League title for the first time since 1990, after the team have been drawn three times in the last 4 games.

Mohammed Salah, who is aiming to regain his tit-for-tat record against Watford, will be looking for a goal in Liverpool’s last five games, scoring 20 goals in 36 games so far and making eight goals in all competitions.

This comes at a time when doubts about the participation of Brazilian striker Fermino in the game today, because of injury to the ankle, which could not finish the match Manchester United past, which ended in a draw negative, to replace instead of Daniel Storidge.



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