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The eighth round of Premier League football matches will be held today, where the Red Devils team will face Manchester United against Newcastle United on this tour. The red team coach Jose Mourinho is expected to revise and review his papers and arrange them again to improve the team’s situation and find a solution to the points. Because of his position as a technical director at the stake between staying in the club and out of where he will play the game in the basic form and in his game played 3/5/2 in the hope of obtaining better results than the previous matches.

This may be the last chance for Jose Mourinho. In recent times, especially in the last 4 games of the Red Devils in all competitions, he did not win, he suffered a humiliating defeat by West Ham with three goals and scored from the English League Cup by Derby County (7 – 8) of the penalty shootout, and was the last fall of the Portuguese by Valencia in the Champions League, with a draw without a goal.

Newcastle have a very bad start to the season, so far they have not won seven rounds, and in their seven matches they have won only two matches and lost five, finishing 18th with two points, ahead of Cardiff City and Huddersfield.

Manchester United vs Newcastle United

The match will be held at the seventh hour and a half on the grounds of Whartford on the grounds of the United Nations where it is expected to be the pleasure present in this tour and expect to see a whole range of goals for the benefit of both teams.



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