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Wembley will open its doors to host a match between Manchester City and Brighton on Saturday 6 April 2019, in the 2018-19 UEFA Cup semi-finals.

The Azzurri won their last game at Cardiff City with a 2-0 win in Round 33 of the Premier League. The victory kept them on top of the Premier League after reaching 80th, one point behind Liverpool. Won in 26 games, tied in two matches and won four defeats.

Bryant is currently in 15th place in the Premiership with 28 points. Since the start of the season, he has played 33 games, and the seagulls have managed to win in nine matches. , Tied in six and lost 16 games.

The absence of Claudio Bravo from Manchester City on injury, Sergio Aguero, backers Oleksandr Zenchenko and Benjamin Mindi, as well as Fabian Dilf for the same reason, will not miss the other players for the suspension.

Guardiola will start with his usual style and form, and will be led by Ottamendi and John Stones in the center of the defense and will rely on Danilo in the left back position in the absence of the Frenchman and Ukrainian. In the midfield will be Fernandinho, Elkay Gundogan and David Silva. Sani, Jesus.

Brighton will miss the next game against Manchester City duo Pascal Grosse and Jason Steele for injury, and the team will not miss any player to stop.

Coach Chris Hutton will be the main guard at the event, with Matthew Ryan, fourth-seeded Gaetan, Luis Dunk, Shane Daffy and Bruno Saltor. In the front line there will be a single player, Florin Andoni.


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