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Juventus will take on Udinese on Saturday evening in the eighth round of the Italian league.

The match will be held at the Freoli Stadium and will be launched at 20:00 UAE time, 19:00 KSA, 18:00 Cairo time and 17:00 GMT.

The showdown on the BN Sport, specifically on HD4, is broadcast by Ahmed Al Tayeb.

Juventus, on the last visit to the stadium, “Ferrioli” stronghold of Udinese, crushed the hosts with a heavy result (6-2), within the ninth of last season.

After seven rounds of the start of the Italian league, Juventus are in the lead on 21 points with a full score without a defeat or a draw, followed by Napoli with 15 points.
Udinese are in 14th place with 8 points after two wins and two draws and four defeats. The team did not win in the previous two rounds after losing to Lazio and then Bologna.

Ronaldo’s absence

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who has struggled with Juventus, has not only had a hard time playing in the stadium, but has seen a major disaster for Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s start with Juventus has been hard to beat. Real Madrid’s last nine seasons failed to open the scoring with the old lady in the first three games to start a double against Sasulo and a goal against Frosinone before failing again against Valencia, But in fact it is much harder than Ronaldo’s weak goal against Juventus at the start of the season. Berberley is accused of raping an American girl dating back to 2009 in Las Vegas.
Cristiano Ronaldo entered the Juventus list in the match against Udinese in the eighth round of the Italian league, led by Juventus full points of the first seven games 21 points.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a new opportunity to break out of his crisis, albeit temporarily if he played an important role in today’s Juventus match against Udinese and managed to return to the net again.



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