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Old Trafford opens its doors to host a classic Barcelona-Manchester United summit on Wednesday 10 April 2019 in the quarter-final of the 2018-2018 Champions League.


The Red Devils’ Group G draw in the Group Eight with Juventus, Valencia and Young Boys, and they were able to qualify after second place behind the very strong Bianconeri. In the Round of 16, Red Devils tied the St Germain Paris St Germain with a strong set of stars and lost two goals Clean, everyone thought that the French capital came to the quarter-finals early, but Manchester United the most miraculous despite the difference of possibilities and won the return three goals to the goal and the kidnapping of the transit card.


Barcelona competed in the Champions League, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter and Eindhoven. He managed to qualify as the group’s top scorer without a loss in any match, and then faced the league champions Lyon in the final price and tied with a 0-0 draw. But he rose in the second leg and crushed Black with five goals. Final in the way of the Red Devils.

Manchester United will miss the Anglo-Catalan summit against Barcelona four-time Valencia, Eric Bailey, Matthew Darmian and Alexis Sanchez on injury, and will not miss the Red Devils of any of his elements for suspension.

Solchar will continue to rely on Young in the right-back position instead of the injured Ecuadorean. Blindelov will be led by Smoleng in the center of the defense to compensate the injured Ivorian. The center will consist of the Matic, Bojba and Herrera. The attack will consist of Marciel and Rashford.

Barcelona will not only miss one of the main players at the Manchester United against Rafinha, but Dimbili has finally returned from injury, but his participation remains in the hands of Valverde.

The Spanish coach will not change his style since his arrival, and the Aren Terje Stijn will guard him in front of him. The four will be in the semi-final, Bicier, Lluglé and Alba. The center will consist of the Artur, Boschettes and Racic trio, and of course Messi will lead the match with Suarez, accompanied by Coutinho.



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