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The official account statement of the Game of thrones series on the third episode of the eighth and final part, which is due tonight.

The episode is scheduled to witness the beginning of the war with the King of the Night and his army, which reached the boundaries of “Wintervel” in the north, at the end of the second episode of the work. After John Snow collected all the armies he could gather and headed north to stand together against King Night.

Nevertheless, the death of John Snow may have been inevitable by Jimmy Lannister when he first visited the North in the first season, where he had a conversation with John Snow after the first learned of the second going to the wall to be among the guards. Nightlife.

Game Of Thrones began its show in 2011, and is one of the most famous dramas of drama, and has been a great success since the beginning of the show on the network “HBO” America, and received many awards, and tells the epic story among the seven kingdoms fighting on the throne, Adapted from the series “The Song of Ice and Fire” by George AR Martin, starring Emilya Clarke, Kate Harrington, Lina Hedy, Nicolaj Coster and Aldo, Peter Dankling, Sophie Turner, Macy Williams.



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