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Tottenham Hotspur will play Dutch side Ajax Amsterdam without five key players in the 9-0 draw at White Hart Lane on Tuesday in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Tottenham will miss 5 players for a variety of reasons, including Harry Ken, Sergey O’Reilly, Eric Lamele and Harry Winx, as well as Sun Hyung Min’s suspension.

With Moussaoui Sissoko and Verthunchen, both of whom are suffering from thigh injuries, but whose position has not been decided.

Coach Mauricio Puccitino is expected to start the match today with Luis, Tribier, Aldreferald, Sanchez, Rose, Eric Dyer, Aniama, Ereksen, Deli Ally, Lucas Mora and Laurenti.
Tottenham booked their place in the semi-finals after taking advantage of the extra-terrestrial scoring advantage after a 4/4 draw in the aggregate in the quarter-finals.

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has decided to appoint Spanish referee Antonio Lahos to manage Tottenham and Ajax Amsterdam today.

This is the sixth game in which Spanish referee Antonio Lahouz is running a match in the current edition of the Champions League. He has previously managed the matches of Benfica of Portugal with Bayern Munich, the Serbian Red Star with Liverpool of England and Moscow’s Lokomotiv Moscow with Galatasaray in the group stage.


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