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Arsenal face Valencia at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday in the first leg of the semi-finals of the European league.

Onay Emery’s men crossed into the semi-finals after beating Napoli 3-0 in the quarter-finals in which they scored impressive success.

Valencia are sixth in the Primera Liga and will certainly be a threat to the players, and each team is keen to move further in this competition, which qualify for the Champions League next season.

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, who was injured in the quarterfinals with Napoli, will be absent.

Ozil and Nacho Monreal missed Sunday’s Premier League match with Leicester for foot and leg injuries respectively.

Jeffrey Condogia has been absent from Valencia because of a thigh injury since early April, and Denis Cherchev still suffers from a ligament injury. Maitland Niles, Moustafa, Cusillini, Socrates, Colasinac; Torrera, Chaka; Ozil. Obamyang, Lakazette.

Valencia Neto. SPA, Gabrielle, Roncalia, Jaya; Torres, Barrio, Cucolin, Gedis; Rodrigo, Mena.

The first encounter between the two teams in the European Cup Cup in 1980, where the match ended in a draw with Valencia 5-4 win penalty shootout.

The performance of Valencia and Arsenal in their last five games in two different competitions:

Arsenal Valencia
Leicester City 3-0 Arsenal (28/4) Valencia 0-1 Eibar (28/4)
Wolverhampton 3-1 Arsenal (24/4)
Atletico Madrid 3-2 Valencia (24/4)
Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace (21/4)
Real Betis 1-2 Valencia (21/4)
Napoli 0-1 Arsenal (18/4)
Valencia 2-0 Villarreal (18/4)
Watford 0-1 Arsenal (15/4) Valencia 3-1 Levante (14/4)



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