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West Ham are on the table with 12 points on 24 points, seven wins, three draws and eight defeats. The team will be hoping to win the game in order to advance in the table. West Ham in the current season and West Ham will rely heavily on the abilities and capabilities of striker Arnatovic and Ciccharito to win the match today.

On the other hand, Southampton are entering today’s position to capture the three points to get out of the dark tunnel they live in. The team is ranked 16th with 15 points from 3 wins, 9 defeats and six draws. The team will have to win today’s match to improve their position on the table. Southampton managed to beat Huddersfield 3-1.

West Ham occupy the 11th place with 46 points, while Southampton are ranked 16th with 36 points.

Manchester City lead the standings with 92 points, one ahead of Liverpool seeking to win the title for the first time since 1990, while Newcastle United are in 13th place with 42 points.


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