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Huddersfield Town will host their match against Manchester United this evening in the English Premier League at the Galfaram stadium.

Manchester United are sixth with 65 points, three behind fourth-placed Chelsea, while Hiddersfield Town are 20th and last on 14 points and have officially landed in first place.
Manchester United are looking to win and win the three points to continue their struggle for a Champions League status, while Hiddersfield Town are looking forward to a home win.

Belgian striker Romilo Lucaco, the star of Manchester United, has a special season number in the Premier League.

Lucco is more than a record in the English Premier League this season, with no decisive pass.

Lukako has so far scored 12 goals in the Premiership this season, averaging 0.38 goals per game.

The Belgian striker is preparing for a crucial match with Manchester United on Sunday against Huddersfield Town in the 37th round of the Premier League.

The Red Devils are sixth on the English Premier League table with 65 points, three points behind fourth-placed Chelsea to qualify for the Champions League next season.


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