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The most important meeting between the sixth-ranked Derby County and Leeds United of third place on the first stadium, “Pride Park Stadium”, while West Bromwich Albion plays with Aston Villa in the second game.

Manchester United manager Marcelo Bielsa said he had instructed his players not to take the ball out of the stadium if any opponent had to wait for the referee to stop playing during the Derby County match before the final of the top flight.

The comments came after Leeds’s controversial goal in Aston Villa’s goal earlier this month after Matish Clic put the ball out of the pitch and scored moments after Villa’s Jonathan Codja was injured by a treatment that required treatment.

The goal led to a fight that led to the dismissal of Villa player Anwar Chazli for his role in the protests and Belsa had to intervene to calm things by asking his players to allow Aston Villa to score the equalizer without any attempt to prevent the ball after the resumption of play.

“We reached a collective decision with the players, we decided to stick to the rules by 100 percent and we understand that if any of our players have fallen to the ground, we must not get the ball out of the pitch,” he said before the first leg against Derby County on Saturday. If there is any player from the opposing team on the ground, we must not stop playing by taking out the ball, we all know that the person who must make the decision is the referee. “

Belsa said he would discuss the matter with referee Craig Bowson and coach Frank Lampard before the game, stressing that his decision was not affected by what happened at Aston Villa, adding, “This has nothing to do with the situation that happened to Aston Villa because we pretended to take the ball out of the stadium We do it, I’m not talking about it. We just want to reach a solution with regard to this suspicious situation. “

The two teams are competing for a place in the final of the Ascension extension where the winner will meet the winner from the semi-final between West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa.


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