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Chernobyl is a short five-episode historical drama series written by Craig Mazin. The series was produced in partnership between the American hbo network and the British Sky Network, the series premiered on 6 May 2019. It revolves around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that took place in the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic in April 1986 and the unprecedented cleaning efforts that followed.

The Chernobyl accident, which claimed the lives of a whole city because of Tester, the lie of the Soviet Republic, and because of sterile social policy, to cover up, and to deny incidents.

A short series produced by the US station HPO recovers the tragic aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, which has exacerbated the danger of denying scientific facts about the enormity of the disaster and the political propaganda in the case.

The worst nuclear accident in human history has been a source of inspiration for the production of many feature films, documentaries or fiction, but no series has been produced.

The HPO station, which features the first episode of the series, has mobilized great energies to revive these gloomy moments in April 1986, surpassing all those used in the production of previous works.

The serial production team destroyed a huge building in Lithuania to re-incarnate the debris from the fourth reactor, which exploded at night during a safety test.

The team also filmed part of the series at the Lithuanian nuclear plant Ignalina, which was shut down in 2009 and includes the same type of reactors as Chernobyl.

“This story requires respect,” said screenwriter Craig Mazin at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The team paid close attention to details on the types of cars, clothes and glasses to the smallest accessories, to bring viewers back to the Soviet era 33 years ago.

The only difference is language, since the actors of the series speak all of them in English, although they play the roles of Soviet characters.



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