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Bairstow has finally joined his partner. He has picked two boundaries and a triple to get his confidence back. England looks set for a huge total and Bangladesh needs to break this partnership as soon as possible. This over has got Bairstow going. And England have gone past 50 without losing any wicket.

Mohammad Saifuddin comes on, and that’s the invitation that Bairstow needs. Overpitched on off, thanks very much. Jonny has his first boundary of the day. He gets a thick edge for a further three. England scoring heavily in this over, although not without elements of risk, as a Roy leading edge threads itself through the covers. But an overpitched delivery penultimate ball goes to the fence, and when you add in a wide, this is not a great start from Mohammad Saifuddin

Mashrafe Mortaza to Roy. Two boundaries, but both of them a bit jammy. An inside edge past his own stumps, and now a shovel to midwicket that flies perhaps two feet past the lunge of Mustafizur at midwicket.

Mashrafe Mortaza to Roy, Jason hasn’t got his timing right just yet. Donks a pull for a woody single to leg, a leading edge also in the over. Bairstow off the mark. A quiet start by England’s standards.



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