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Spanish star Rafael Nadal, nicknamed “the king of the clay” and Austrian Dominique Thim in the French Open final, face Sunday.

Nadal looks forward to a repeat of the win to strengthen his record and crown Roland Garros for the 12th time in his career, while Thim hopes to become the first player to beat Nadal in the final of the tournament.

If Nadal wins tomorrow’s game, he will have the biggest success in one of the four grand slam titles, one behind former Australian star Margaret Curt, who won the Australian Open 11 times 50 years ago.

Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem Thiem have taken markedly totally different methods this period of time, though realize themselves within the same place. when weathering whirling winds, flying umbrellas and stiff challenges from the world’s best players, the second-seeded European and fourth-seeded Austrian meeting on Sunday for the Roland Garros title.

The 25-year-old Thiem is tuned in to the challenge he faces in falling the best clay-court player of all time in Court Philippe-Chatrier. although having reached the ultimate here last year, he will not be content with merely creating it to a different championship match.

“To play Rafa here on this court is usually the last word challenge, one among the toughest challenges in sports,” presented Thiem. “I suppose it’s extremely necessary that i’m going into the match with the assumption to win. that is the most significant issue. It’s a great dream on behalf of me to win this match, to win this title. 



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