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English Premier League fans are waiting face heavyweight Chelsea gathered in front of Manchester United on Saturday, in a pulsating ninth round of the Premier League.

Chelsea enter the game as the top of the league table with Manchester City and Liverpool with 20 points each, while Manchester United are in eighth place with 13 points.
Chelsea host Stamford Bridge on Saturday in the ninth round of the Premier League.
In the last 10 games between the two teams, Chelsea won 5, two wins for Manchester United, and 3 draws.
The Blues have 20 points in the Premier League, with both Manchester City and Liverpool, 13 points for Manchester United in eighth place.
The following is the expected match:
Chelsea are expected to enter the game with the following form.
Goalkeeper: Kiba.

Defense: David Luiz – Rodiger – Alonso – Azbilekwita.

Midfield: Kouvacic – Giorgione – Canti.

Attack: Hazard – Willian and Jiro. Manchester United

Manchester United are expected to enter the game with the following form

Goalkeeper: De Chaya.

Defending: Smaling-Lindelov-Luc Chau-Valencia.

Midfield: Fred – Villaini – Bogba.

Offensive: Marciel – Rushford – Lucaco.



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