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Real Madrid coach Yulan Lopezte is confident his team, who have emerged at a volatile level in recent years, will be able to return to their form and provide a memorable season as they prepare for their crucial home game against Levante on Saturday.

Real are fourth in the standings after eight matches, just two points behind leaders Sevilla, but Loptegi is worried after four games without a win and any goals in all competitions. This is the longest period since Real have been on goal since 1985.

“I have full confidence in the team and I am confident to return,” Loptege told a news conference on Friday.

“We have a long way to go this season and I am confident that we will reach a very strong position at the end of the road.”

Real Madrid will play in the game tomorrow, with playmaker Isco and defender Marcelo, while right-back Danny Karbakhl will be out due to injury.

Talks during the international pause continued to put pressure on Loptege, and Italian media reports said that Real was studying the use of coach Antonio Conti.

But the Spanish coach feels he has the support of the club.

“I feel full support. I feel calm and focused on my work. I do not listen to what people are saying outside, I just focus on pushing my team back to their level again. ”

“The aspirations here are as big as anywhere else, and I know the team can go back to the summit again. You have to believe in what they are doing and continue to try.”


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