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Chelsea play an important match against Belarus’s Patty Borisov tonight at Stamford Bridge in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

Chelsea are top of Group 12 with six points from two consecutive wins in the first and second round and scored two goals in the two games against PAWK and Moul Fidi and did not receive a goal.

Bati Borisov is third on three points with a goal difference from Pauc Salonica, winning a game, losing one game and scoring 3 goals and 4 goals.

Chelsea will play today without top players Eddin Hazard, and Mauricio Sari will seek to make five or six changes to the basic form for the rest of his players before the Premier League resume next week.

Chelsea have been chasing a series of good results since the start of the season, and the series of defeats for more than 11 games, despite a draw in the last game against Manchester United in the deadliest time for Ross Barclay.

The third round of Group B will be completed today with a match between Mall Vidi and Greek pook, played by the Egyptian professional Amr Warda. Chelsea will also have three crucial matches to lead the group and qualify early for the next round.

Chelsea play against Bati Borisov in Belarus on Thursday (November 8th) in the fourth round of the UEFA Champions League.

Chelsea will meet Egyptian teammate Amr Warda (PAOK) on Thursday (November 29th) in the fifth round.

Chelsea will meet in the group on Thursday (December 13th) in the sixth round. Chelsea coach Mauricio Sari announced his squad for the third round of the Euroleague.

Chelsea’s formation came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Kiba Arizabalaga

Line of defense: Emerson, Christensen, Cahill, Zapacosta

Midfield: Kovacic, Loftz Chek, Fabregas

Offensive: Willian, Jiro, Pedro



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