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The Spanish coach Pep Guardiola of Manchester City announced the formation of the confrontation, which will be gathered in the tenth after a quarter of Thursday evening at home to Fulham, at the stadium, “Union”, in the competition for the role of the final price of the English League Cup.

Which he has been playing for Fulham at the UEFA Champions League in the Round of 16 of the English League Cup. The Manchester City squad saw Kevin de Bruen’s participation from the start, while Guardiola has been involved in many substitutions.

The defending champions began their third round with a 3-0 victory over Oxford United, and then qualified for the 16 th round to join Fulham. The Seitzins will enter the quarter-finals to win the quarter-finals.

Fulham opened the match with Exeter in the second round of the tournament. The match ended with two unanswered goals. In the third round they met the Millolos team. They also won three goals against the goal. The team will enter this game in the hope of winning it and reaching the next round. The holder’s account is the last version

The formation of Al-Siti in the meeting tonight as follows:

Goalkeepers: Moric

Defense: Danilo, Kompany, Stones, Zinchenko

Midfield: Delf, Ibrahima Diaz, de Bruin, Vaudin

Attack: Sani, Jesus



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