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Juventus will be in Milan on Sunday night at the end of the 12th round of the Italian league. Allegri will lead the table with 31 points after winning all but a 1-1 draw with Genoa. Rossoneri are in fourth place with 21 points and four points from neighbors. Inter in third place.

While there is a clear bias in the favor of the old lady, especially with the many injuries from Milan’s most important players, including Lucas Belya, Mosacio, Bonaventura, Caldara and Cernic, and the possibility of joining Higuain, Cotroni and Cisse Chelhanoglu, we are talking about several factors that may help coach Gennaro Gattuso and his team Juventus.

Juventus top the Italian league table with 31 points ahead of the start of the 12th round. Milan are in fourth place with 21 points, while Lazio are fifth.

Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso will be in an unenviable position when he faces the leaders as his side have suffered several defeats against Juventus on Tuesday, most notably Lucas Belya, Matthieu Musachio and Caldara, as well as doubts about the participation of Kalhanoglu, Cotroni, Higuain and Bonaventura.

Ronaldo is no longer just the player who is waiting for the ball to score, just as Real Madrid was last two seasons. He has become an important part of the attacking Juventus system. He is a strong participant in both goals and opportunities, with occasional passes and of course being in the area and catching the air balls.

Milan has a tight control over the Portuguese star, not a man’s censorship of a man but a zone control, that is, must be pressed by the player closest to him, and most importantly have no chance of payment ever, better to be kept away from danger areas and keep it in areas not affecting the defense of Milan especially Taking advantage of his enthusiasm and constant desire to search for the ball even if it cost him to return to the center of the stadium.


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