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Manchester United are a heavyweight on Southampton tonight in the 14th round of the Premiership.

SKY: United has decided to retain additional services for the year

Moise reveals the approaching crossover angles of joining Manchester United

Sky Sports has confirmed the absence of South Africa’s Danny Enges for the next game against Manchester United in the Premier League.

Manchester United are due to travel to Southampton on Saturday in the 14th round of the English Premier League.

Completed his injury during his team’s game against Watford in the 12th round of the Premier League and came out in the first half of the match, missing his match against Fulham in Round 13 and Leicester City in the English League Cup.

It is expected that Manchester United will form a component of:

Guarding the goal: De Khaya

Line of defense: Young, Smoling, Jones, Dalut

Midfield: Mata, Bogba, Matic, Lengard

Offensive: Lucaco, Marcel



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