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Arsenal are keen to maintain their unbeaten streak for the 23rd consecutive game in all competitions when they visit Southampton at St Mary’s at 3:30 in the 17th round of the English Premier LeaguArsenal are fifth in the standings with 34 points, while Southampton are in 19th place with nine points.

Arsenal have not lost in 14 consecutive league games, most recently beating Huddersfield for Torrera, while Southampton failed to win the last 12 league games and included the basic lineup of:

Lino, Belerin, Liechtenstein, Cusillini, Monreale, Chaca, Janduzi, Torreira, Machitarian, Ayubi, Obamyang.

Italy’s Mauricio Sari and Chelsea coach Chris Houghton have signed their first two matches in the English Premier League on Sunday.

Chelsea are fourth in the Premier League with 34 points, with a goal difference against Arsenal, who have 13 points.

The Chelsea squad has a clear striker, with Sari relying on the trio Pedro, Hahard and Julien in the front, while the Italian coach, Frenchman Olivier Giroux, kept on the bench.

The Chelsea squad came as follows:

Arizabalaga, Azbilecuitta, Rodiger, David Luiz, Alonso, Canti, Giorgione, Kovacic, Pedro, Hazard, and Willian.

Substitutes: Capayero, Christensen, Emerson, Fabregas, Barclay, Lofts Czech, Giro.



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