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The Emirates Stadium is open to host one of the most powerful derbies in the world, the London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham in the FA Cup quarter-finals on Wednesday 19 December 2018 AD, corresponding to the 12 th of April 1440 AH.

In the fourth round, Onay Emre Blackpool faced a difficult 2-0 win over the South American champions, and after the recent loss in the Premier League from Southampton, the Gunners will seek to capture the Spurs and return Quickly to the form of victories.

Tottenham was the start of the English League Cup this season of the third round as well, and scored in the match against Watford, who equalized with two goals, but the cockroach’s experience ended with a penalty shootout. In the second game, he met Harry Kin West Ham and beat them 3-1 .

Arsenal play the game against the backdrop of Saturday’s defeat at Southampton (2-3), ending their series of unbeaten matches in all 22 competitions, especially since losing to Chelsea (2-3) in the second round of the league After losing to Manchester City 2-0 at the opening of the season.

Tottenham hopes to take advantage of the morale of the Spanish team’s coach, Onai Emery, to avenge the loss of two weeks ago in the Premier League on the same pitch 2-4, according to his guard and French commander Hugo Lauris.

Imre and his Argentine counterpart Mauricio Buchetino may play without some of the stars in the busy schedule from now until the end of the year. The loss of the derby of Northern London was one of the few bad moments Tottenham experienced this season, the first in his last 11 games.

Chelsea vs Bournemouth

Chelsea will add Bournemouth on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge in the quarter-finals of the English League Cup.

Chelsea want to win and go on to win the title, which will be the sixth in their career after having won the title five times before (the latest in 2015), and became a candidate to reach the semi-finals when he meets Wednesday with Bournemouth, the eleventh place in the league.

Chelsea do not have the best time of the year after they dropped to fourth place in the English Premier League with 37 points, eight points clear of leaders Liverpool with 45 points.

Italian coach Mauricio Sari does not rely on striker Alvaro Morata or Olivier Jiro in the league after playing without an outspoken striker, and it seems that one of the duo will play a role in today’s game.


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