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Manchester United face Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday evening at the 22nd round of the Premier League at White Hart Lane.

Tottenham are in third place on the English Premier League table with 48 points, while Liverpool and Manchester City are at the top of the table, while Manchester United are in sixth place with 38 points.

Tottenham take second place as Manchester City’s 50-point lead, while Manchester United hope to complete the winning streak and improve their position under the leadership of coach Jonar Solshire.

Manchester United team expected in today’s game against Tottenham Hotspur:

Goalkeepers: David de Chia.
Defenders: Antonio Valencia / Eric Dayley / Phil Jones / Luke Shaw.
Midfield: Nemanja Matic / Ander Herrera / Paul Pogpa.
Forward: Anthony Marciel / Marcos Rushford / Romilo Lucaco.
Technical Director: Uli Gunnar Solshire.

Tottenham Hotspur’s squad for the match against Manchester United:

Goalkeepers: Hugo Lauris.
Line of defense: Kieran Trepper / Davinson Sanchez / Toby Alderfairlid / Ben Davis.
Midfield: Harry Winx / Christian Eriksen / Moussa Sissoko / Daly Alley.
Offensive: Sun Hyung Min / Harry Kane.
Coach: Mauricio Puccitino of Argentina.


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