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On Wednesday evening, the attention goes to the jewel jewel stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to follow the Italian super-match between Juventus and AC Milan.

The Italian Super Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia for the first time in history and has already been held in more than one country.

Juventus, who have won in the last six matches against Milan in all tournaments, have been a favorite in recent encounters against Milan, and Milan have won no victory at the expense of the “old lady” team until October 2016.

The expected formation of Juventus consists of:

Goalkeepers: Chesney
Line of defense: Cassello, Bonucci, Kilini, Alex Sandro
Midfield: Bentakur, Pianic, Matudei
Offensive: Douglas Costa, Ronaldo, Debala

 Milan’s expected lineup is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Donaroma
Line of defense: Calabria, Zapata, Romanioli, Rodriguez
Midfield: Casey, Pakayoko, Chalhanoglu
Forward: Pakita, Higuain, Castiglio



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